Tons of Grace

As a frequent commuter on the Bay Area’s freeway systems, I have spent many hours in the area’s notorious traffic. In that time, I have developed a fascination with freeway architecture, and the overpass structures that fly over our heads. Designed to be both enduring and utilitarian, these often plain structures are generally taken for granted and ignored.

During the many hours I have lost in traffic, my appreciation for these structures has evolved, from indifference to conscious fascination. Viewed from a distance, they have a slow, curvaceous slither. Up close, they become abstracted, revealing texture, geometry, and rhythm. Their imposing stature serves as a frontispiece to our various paths, decorative passageways guiding us to the various destinations in our lives.

Grace is a word more often associated with delicate ephemera, like the movement of a ballerina. Freeway overpasses, on the other hand, impose their very real and very concrete tonnage, words hardly associated with grace. With this project, I have tried to capture and share the tons of grace I see existing in plain sight.